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SJ MEPLA is a finite element program specially developed to perform static and dynamic calculations of glass structures. You can calculate any shape of system including laminated glass, point fixings, balustrade clips and all this for insulated glass. Any bearing and loading situations are possible. You can consider load cases or dynamically calculated impacts for the use of glass as fall protection.

You can rent SJ MEPLA for one year or one month.
During this time you will receive our support and all available updates free of charge.
There is no contract and no subscription.
After the rental period has expired, you are free to decide whether you want to continue using the program for another year or not.

ackage 3 is the full version, where all functions are available.
Package 2 is a reduced version, without dynamic routines (impactors, pressure hit) and without residual load-bearing capacity.
Package 1 is the smallest version, where glass fixings are excluded as well.